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Ethiopia is not only holding the 3,000 account of history but also the diversified and the Varity of cultural ethnicity. Above 80 ethnic groups speaking above 70 different languages with more than 200 dialect, this region holds a lot of tribes, while the southern part knowing in the cultural appraisal but embracing 80% wildlife sanctuary and national parks. Almost 85% of this region is green and enrich of a lot of natural attraction, human made attractions, landscapes and other fascinating attraction.
Unlike the Northern part of the country, the people in south are not that reach in terms of remnants of old constructions but a living culture that strikes the very existence of the self. Natural beauties are main reasons for many tourists to revisit Southern Ethiopia. ‘Mursi’, ‘Karo’ and ‘Hamar’, Dasenach, Erbore, Nyangatom and many more tribes of the South will help you to understand old and unspoiled culture of our universe

Funerary status bear various symbols that identify the person they represent usually the deed and states.

The Hamar are an Omotic community inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia. They live in Hamer woreda, a fertile part of the Omo River valley, in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region. They are largely pastoralists, so their culture places a high value on cattle.

The Hamer is known for putting great importance on the braiding of hair, and adorning it with feathers and beads. Hair of the females is smeared with red soil/plant oil mix and curled to the fall down.

The Hamar are known for their unique custom of "bull jumping," which initiates a boy into manhood. First, female relatives dance and invite whipping from men who have recently been initiated; this shows their support of the initiate, and their scars give them a say on who they marry.


The Mursi are known for their astonishing circular lip and earing plates. Made from backed clay or wood. The lower lip of Mursi women is pierced at early age (14-20) and over the next years, progressively stretched. The process that is repeated until eventually the gap is larger enough to hold a clay plate of perhaps 15cm (6 inches) in diameters.

 Although many people have different views of the Mursi people, whether good or bad, they are, in fact, more cultured than their given credit for. The Mursi actually have a very interesting view on family values and marriage in their society. The cultural and societal orientation of the Mursi society leans heavily in a hierarchical direction that is, a more male dominated society. Lineage is carried through the males, so it is a patrilineal affair.

          One of the main divisions in Mursi family-life is that of clans. Mursi people naturally tend to clump together as clans based on their ancestors' names. These clans are usually very tightly bound and treat each other close like family. These clans tend to become pretty large and can consist of up to fifty men and are so tightly bound that, in the case of an infertile Mursi man, he will ask one of his clansmen to impregnate his wife on his behalf. The infertile man will still be considered the child's legal father, and the biological father will have no role in the child's name or life outside of clansmen roles.

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Rest assured that Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world. A glance at reviews posted in the most prominent tour websites ( Lonely planet, Trip Advisor etc... ) will confirm this.

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