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Listed on UNESCO’s World Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Irreecha, a thanksgiving day that comprises two distinct festivals observed on top of mountains and on the banks of rivers, is the most colorful and very attractive celebration the Oromo people mark for the glory of their creator (Waaqa).

The Irreecha festival which constitutes the main part of the Gadaa system of the Oromo is serving as a symbol of the Oromo people’s identity from time immemorial.  

The festival which attracts millions of people from all walks of life here and abroad celebrated to thank, bless and pray to God (Waaqa) for their achievements and their wishes for peaceful relationship between nature and man. They plead to God for the health of their families, relatives, clan and their country as well as their livestock.

The Oromo people celebrate Irreecha at two locations: at mountain tops (Tulluu) and at the bank of rivers (Malkaa). The observance of the two festivals mark seasonal shift, either from winter to spring or spring to winter.

The festival also known as spring holiday (Ayyaana Birra) is a unique and sparkling occasion in which families, relatives, clans and their closed friends remained in distance by rivers and flood that prevailed during the rainy season get together. Families meet their loved ones and share greetings and seasonal best wishes which is sometimes accompanies with exchange of special gifts (kennaa addaa).

Observed in the month of September following the end of the dark rainy season, Irrecha marks a seasonal shift, a transition from gloomy and muddy rainy season, to the bright spring colored with daises-like flowers (adey abeba).

The day is marked at Hora Arsadi (Lake Harsadi) located at Bishoftu, in Oromia region, 47.9 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, on the main road to Adama.

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