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Harar came into formal existence in 1520 when a local amir, Abu Beker Mohamed, moved his capital there from Dakar to the site of an older nearby settlement. His rule, however, was soon cut short, for he was murdered five years later by Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim al Ghazi, better known as Ahmed Gragn or Ahmed “the Left-Handed”. Gragn left his homeland in 1530-1531 to begin a jehad, or holy war against the Christian Ethiopian Empire. 

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Allseason Tour operator is a tour company currently operating in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.The company is legally registered as a tour company with the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade as per the local law, licensed by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a member of Ethiopian Tour Operator Association as well. It is part of Leadstar Family businesses operating in Ethiopia on different sectors.

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Rest assured that Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world. A glance at reviews posted in the most prominent tour websites ( Lonely planet, Trip Advisor etc... ) will confirm this.

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