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Rest assured that Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world. A glance at reviews posted in the most prominent tour websites ( Lonely planet, Trip Advisor etc... ) will confirm this.

Unpleasant experiences are far and few. Most of these are results of basically two factors. The first is related to basic precautions that some tourists fail to apply. The second is the fact that Ethiopia, like any other country in the world, is not exempt from individuals who try to exploit a tourist's naivity to apply some tricks. Although very few, there are incidents encountered by tourists that left them with bad memories and tarnished the image of the welcoming Ethiopians.

All of such circumstances are easily avoidable by following a few tips. The first is to be aware of security issues in different parts of Addis Ababa and regions of Ethiopia. The second is applying the tips that we have compiled based on actual occurrences.

We keep ourselves up to date with occurrences and provide tourists with the necessary awareness. At this point in time the predominant problem in Ethiopia is the fact that tourists fall into the trap of hasslers who pose as street tourist guides. If tourists flying to Ethiopia do not resort to unlicensed street guides it means that they would have reduced the risk of unpleasant experiences by 90% or more.

Please review our main tips that we have compiled based on actual tourist experiences.

Upon arrival

  • Make sure you don't get on a taxi before discussing the fare price;
  • Do not pay the taxi before you arrive at your destination;
  • Make sure you didn't leave anything behind;
  • Make it a habit to note the plate number of vehicles that you used in the case where you might have left valuables;
  • Although most hotels are perfectly safe, make it a habit to leave large sums of cash, jewelries, valuables and passports in the reception safe box.
  • For better and safer transportation services from the airport, please go to airport pick ups for tourists.

While walking

  • Always try to remain on the main roads and avenue;
  • Try to avoid wearing expensive jewelries;
  • Do not carry lots of cash and if you have to try not to show it so that it won't attract much attention;
  • Be careful the way you handle your camera and mobile phone;
  • Do not lend your mobile to strangers who ask you to make a beep or quick phone calls; in order to be polite in case the request is genuine say that your battery is dead or that you don't have enough balance to make a call;
  • NEVER ACCEPT SUGGESTIONS TO SHOW YOU TRADITIONAL PLACES, STRIP CLUB, INVITE YOU TASTE KHAT( THEY SOMETIMES CALL IT "HOLY LEAF". A few among the youth who introduce themselves as street guides use these techniques to take tourists to prearranged spots where they overcharge tourists. Sometimes these are done through attractive women who take tourists to places designed for this purpose.

While Touring outside of Addis

  • Try to get basic security information regarding the region or city you are about to tour( please visit our security information for tourists in Ethiopia for up to date information)
  • Always try to be accompanied by an experienced and reliable guide;
  • Try to have a basic understanding of the cultural issues of the area you are planning to visit( go to culture and norms information for tourists in Ethiopia for more detail)
  • Try to have with you a printed version of basic communication words and phrases especially in the case where you are going on tour without the company of a guide or translator ( visit our resource center for tourists in Ethiopia for basic words and phrases in major Ethiopian languages)
  • Regardless of the part of the country, avoid walking alone in secluded and deserted streets.
  • Always decline drivers who suggest traveling during the night. While traveling at night could be perfectly safe in other countries, in Ethiopia most accidents are results of careless driving at night.


  • Do not assume that you will get priority on road Zebra crossings while you are in Ethiopia.
  • Make sure you avoid basic communication barriers such as with numbers
  • If a stranger is carrying your luggage is make sure you keep a close distance;

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Rest assured that Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world. A glance at reviews posted in the most prominent tour websites ( Lonely planet, Trip Advisor etc... ) will confirm this.

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